Innovative companies are using their capital, skills and employee talent to "hack" systemic inequities.

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Cross-Sector Social Justice,
Alliance Framework

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What's The PAACT Network?

The PACE Alliance of Accountability, Commitment, & Transparency (PAACT) Network is a consortium of intentional companies, and organizations forming strategic partnerships with subject matter experts to address systemic racial inequities. By focusing on 10 key areas, this network seeks to support communities of African descent in a commited and transparent manner to drive impact in measurable ways. By forming alliances with others, our partners are moving past performance allyship via "PR" stunts and amplifying previous lackluster "Diversity & Inclusion" efforts void of intentional racial focus.

The PAACT Network is focused on working with our partners to create sustainable plans fostering Racial Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI)™.

PAACT Focus Areas

Healthcare Access

Food Security

Workforce Development

STEM Education

Arts Curation

Culture Preservation


Community Investment Funds

Media Production

Racial Equity (Diveristy & Inclusion) Consulting

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